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International Angel Association in Bangladesh has embarked upon its 36th year. I send
my heartiest congratulations to Angel family in Bangladesh. In 1982, with the motto
Love over the world, Mrs. Yuriko Kawamura founded this organization. I was only 22
years back then. With a little patience, hard work and a lot of love, the seed sown at that
time has grown into a large, fruit bearing tree with wide branches.

Bangladesh just got its independence in 1971, a budding country with a huge population
and a low literacy rate. It was always in Mrs. Yuriko Kawamura’s visions and thoughts to
help the children and women of Bangladesh with education in order to build a nation
with a strong backbone.

Since 1986, with the support of Angel Association, a children home, health care centre,
technical training centre, scholarship programs, agricultural training centre, school have
been established in Konabari, Gazipur. Centers for women’s education, schools and
numerous tube-wells have been built in Gazipur, Kapasia. Our aim is to nurture the minds
of today’s generation in a healthy environment so that they can have a better present and
build themselves an even better future. I am very glad to see the ex-students and ex
trainees of Angel home going out into the world and doing so well for themselves.

I am very grateful to everyone working, loving and supporting Angel Association for it to
run for 36 years in Bangladesh. I sincerely hope everyone will continue this support in
the future as well. I hope for everyone to live a healthy life.

Higashimura Mariko 
International Angel Association
Hyogo, Japan